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Bebas Neue is a popular all caps font released in 2010. It features nice bold letters which work great for headlines that need to stick out.

Originally Bebas Neue was only all caps. Later, the designer released a pro version that features different weights and even lower case letters.

The pro version is obviously a paid version of the font. However, Google Fonts does give us a good alternative that will work for any designer on a budget.

Is Bebas Neue a Google Font?

Bebas Neue, the original, is a free to use font on Google Font. This is the all caps version. However, if you want to pro version, which features different weights and lower case letters, then you will have to pay.

So technically Bebas Neue is a free font, but it is limited.

What Google Font is Similar to Bebas Neue?

The best alternative for Bebas Neue is Oswald.

Oswald features many of the same features and characteristics as Bebas Neue.

The most notable is how blocky the font feels.

Both are thick fonts with sharp corners.

The main difference is that oswald comes with different weights and lower case letters out of the box. This is what makes it such a great alternative to Bebas Neue pro.

How do I get Bebas Neue?

You can use this link to check out Bebas Neue on Google Fonts.

figma ultimate ui kit
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