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Berthold Block is a sans-serif typeface designed mainly for display use. It features big chucky letters that call a lot of attention. Most of the letters are slightly compact. Originally released in 1908, it is still used today.

It is pretty obvious that this font is pretty unique. So finding a good alternative was pretty difficult. After searching throughout the whole Google Font library, I was able to boil it down to just one that I felt would be worth mentioning.

Quick disclaimer, no free font will replace the original font. Instead, the font mentioned below is a good alternative for those projects on a budget.

What Google Font is Similar to Block Berthold?

The most similar font to Block Berthold in the Google Font library is Paytone One.

Paytone One features nice thick letters with rounded corners just like Block Berthold.

Although there are minor differences in all the letters, the overall vibe and feel are there. The letters work great for display.

Paytone matches a lot of the same letter format grabs your attention pretty easily. It would be nicer if the letters were more rounded. Since Block Berthold is such a unique font it makes it hard to find an exact match. So this is the best that I could find for now.

figma ultimate ui kit
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