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Cera Pro is a sans-serif font that is popular in web design. It features a large x-height and compact capitals that give it a distinct look. The font supports up to 150 languages which include Latin, Cyrillic, and Greek.

This font was very difficult in finding GOOD alternatives too. It has it's own unique style that makes it so great. The uppercase "Q" in Cera Pro is really unique and hard to match.

I believe that I have found 1 good font that should get the job done that are similar looking enough.

What Google Fonts are Similar to Cera Pro?

The most similar looking font to Cera Pro on Google Fonts is:

  • PT Sans

Both of these fonts look very similar in lowercase. I would argue that it is around a 90% match.

The uppercase is where things start to differ some. Like I mentioned before, the hardest part to match is the uppercase "Q" because of it's long tail.

PT Sans makes an attempt at trying to match, but doesn't quite hit the mark. The only other slight difference is in the "G". Otherwise it does a pretty good job in matching the uppercase as well.

Go ahead and compare below.

figma ultimate ui kit
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