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Georgia is a serif font that brings an element of friendliness but is also elegant. It has a familiar look to it that was designed to work on small screen sizes. The font is works well at low resolutions and is still legible.

Serif fonts are generally pretty difficult to find a good alternative to because they are very intricate.

Luckily I was able to find one that I feel would be a good alternative in case your project is on a budget.

What Google Fonts are Similar to Georgia?

The best Google Font alternative to Georgia is Tinos.

Tinos is a beautiful serif typeface that shares many characteristics with Georgia.

If you examine the lowercase letters, you will find that they are almost an exact match. There are some minor differences in the "j", "g", and "y".

Overall, they are very identical.

The uppercase is the same thing. There are some minor differences in the "J" and "Q", but overall they look very similar.

Compare below.

Final Thoughts

Although I could only find one alternative, I am happy with what I found. Tinos would make a great alternative to Georgia. However, if you are in a position to do so then I recommend buying the font from the creator to support them.

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