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Helvetica is one of the most used fonts on the web. It is a very popular sans-serif font that works well for both headlines and paragraph text. Designers use it for both web and print design.

So as you can imagine I was excited to attempt to find a good Google Font alternative to Helvetica.

It is challenging to find some that looks as iconic as Helvetica. I was able to find one pretty similar font that will work well.

So lets jump into it.

What Google Fonts are Similar to Helvetica?

The best fonts from Google Fonts library that would make good alternatives to Helvetica are:

  • Roboto

I found that Roboto is the best option that will look the closest. Let me give you more details.


Roboto, in my eyes, is going to be your best bet when trying to imitate Helvetica from the Google Fonts library.

It does a great job at mirroring in it's lowercase form. It matches the form of the letters very well, but you can start to pick up a few differences in the length of the strokes on a few letters such as the tail in the "t" in Roboto.

The main differences are going to be in the uppercase letters. Right off the bat, you will notice that the uppercase "G", "Q", and "R" are the most notable.

The "G' features a nice straight down line in Helvetica. While the "G" in Roboto is missing it all together.

The difference in the "Q" isn't quite as bad. You will see that the line goes all the way through the circle of the "Q" in Helvetica, but in Roboto it is only a tail that sticks out.

The biggest difference is going to be the uppercase "R". In Helvetica, it is features this nice little bump on the right side of the leg. While in Roboto, it is just a straight line.

Overall, Roboto would be a really good alternative in lowercase form. In uppercase form, it is just....ok.

See for yourself.

Final Thoughts

It is tough to find a font that matches such a famous and distinct font. I had tried comparing other fonts such as Open Sans and Lato, but when you really start to compare they are not that similar. If you want the Helvetica look, as always, it is best to just go ahead and purchase the font. However, if you are on a budget, you might be able to get away with Roboto.

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