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Interstate is a sans-serif font created by Tobias Frere-Jones. It was inspired by the fonts used for the United States High signs. While it works great for signs, this font has been modified to work for print and web design.

Interstate is such a unique font. So that made it difficult to find a good alternative.

After digging around through all the font available in the Google Font library, I was able to narrow it down to just one that may be a good fit.

What Google Font is Similar to Interstate?

The most similar font to Interstate that is available in Google Fonts is Overpass.

Overpass does a great job in matching almost all the letters in both upper and lowercase.

The main difference is in how bold the letters are and the kerning in Interstate.

Otherwise it would be almost the same font. It does a good job matching the really unique lowercase "g" and uppercase "Q".

Here are some images for you to compare for yourself.


Overpass is the most similar looking font to Interstate. This font will be your best choice from the Google Font library.

figma ultimate ui kit
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