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Intro is a really fun and playful sans-serif font. It features this unique little tails on the majority of it's letters. Despite it's unique features, it is still easy to read and pleasing to look at.

Intro truly is a unique font. It was very difficult to find anything that looks close to it within the Google Font library.

After having searched the whole library, I was able to narrow it down to just one font.

That being said this one font doesn't even match it perfectly. However, I believe that they give off the same fun and playful attitude.

So let's jump into it!

What Google Fonts are Similar to Intro?

The most similar looking font to Intro from the Google Font library is Signika.

Signika does a great job an attempting to mimic those little strokes at the ends of it's letters.

Although they are not an exact match, they share a similar look and feel. The majority of the letters have a similar shape, but there are minor differences in all the letters. This includes both uppercase and lowercase.

So instead of covering each one, I provided some images for you to compare for yourself.

figma ultimate ui kit
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