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Optima is considered a sans-serif font, but it could also be considered a serifless roman. This font features full body characters and light vertical strokes, especially on the M and N. It mixes well with any serif design and a lot of sans-serif fonts as well.

Since it is such a unique font, it was hard to find a really good alternative within Google fonts.

I did some digging around and I believe that I have found 1 font that would work as a decent alternative.

What Google Font is Similar to Optima?

The Google Font that is most similar to Optima is Arsenal.

Although not an exact match, it does give a similar look and feel that Optima has. It features thin and similar shaped letters.

Lowercase is pretty close with some minor differences in the "g" and "y".

The uppercase is also very similar, but has some differences in the "Q" and "J".

Overall, it would be a great replacement if your project is on a budget.

I made some images for you to use to compare below.

figma ultimate ui kit
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