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Trade Gothic is a sans-serif font designed by Jackson Burke in 1948. It's focus was on advertising and headlines. It can be used in a combination of roman text fonts. It is a clean and easy to read font which is what makes it so popular.

So lets dive into one good free alternative for Trade Gothic.

What Google Fonts are Similar to Trade Gothic?

The best Google Font alternative for Trade Gothic is Libre Franklin.

Libre Franklin does a great job at matching almost all the lower case letters. There are some very minor differences, but you would really need to be paying a lot of attention to point them out.

Some of those minor differences include the loop on the "p" and the curved lower stroke of the "y".

Other than that they are very similar.

The same goes for the uppercase letters. I would argue that they are about 97% similar.

The main difference is going to be in the "Q". In Trade Gothic, the line goes all the way through while in Libre Franklin it simply has a tail. while in the

I put together some images to help you compare for yourself.

Final Thoughts

I have looked through a lot of different typefaces to find a good one to match and Libre Franklin was the only one really worth mentioning. It does a great job trying to match it. If you are in a position to do so, I always recommend supporting the designer and purchasing the font itself. However, I know that some designers are on a budget and need a free similar alternative.

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