2 Google Fonts Similar to Acumin Pro

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Acumin Pro is a sans-serif font that works great on all display sizes. It is balanced and solid. It works best for clean, modern design.

For these reasons it has become a very popular font online.

After searching throughout the whole Google Font library, I was able to find two fonts that would make for a good alternative.

So let's jump into it!

What Google Fonts are Similar to Acumin Pro?

The best fonts that are the most similar to Acumin Pro available in the Google Fonts library are:

  • Noto Sans
  • Roboto

Both of these would make for a good alternative for Acumin Pro.

Below, I cover what they have in common and some of their differences.

Noto Sans

Notos Sans is a sans-serif font designed by Google. It was designed with the intent of giving a clean looking font for all languages to use across the web.

In my opinion, it is the most similar to Acumin Pro out of the whole library. It only has some minor differences that you can pick up on with a close inspection.

For example, you will notice a small differences in the lowercase "c" and in the uppercase you will notice a difference with the "I" and "J".

Otherwise it would make for a very good alternative.

I made a few images for you to compare for yourself.


Robot is another font that is very similar to Acumin Pro. They are nearly identical in the lowercase.

The differences are find in the uppercase. Although minor, you will find differences in the uppercase "J", "G", and "Q".

With these few differences, it also would be a good alternative if Noto Sans wouldn't work as an option for you.

Take a look below.


Most of the time, it is very difficult to find a font that looks very similar to a premium font. Luckily, I was able to find two that are very similar both from the Google Font library.

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About the Author

Ben Smith is a professional web developer who dabbles in design. He created this site as an ongoing catalog of free alternative fonts for when the premium font just won't work. He currently writes for this site as well as his own personal blog.