2 Google Fonts Similar to Boxed

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Boxed is a new typeface that is designed to look good on small screens and on print material. The name explains a lot about the font already. It is known for it's blocky letter style that is unique, but still easy to read.

Trying to find a good alternative was difficult because the font is so unique. However, I believe that I have found two fonts that would work as a good alternative.

So if you are in a position to do so, I always recommend purchasing the font from the designer, but if your project is on a budget then the two fonts below will work.

What Google Fonts are Similar to Boxed?

The most similar looking fonts to Boxed in the Google Font library are:

  • Coda
  • Barlow

Either one of these fonts would make for a good alternative to Boxed.

Below, I cover what they have in common and what their differences are.


I believe that Coda does the best job in matching Boxed. Although it is not an exact match, I believe that it captures the same spirit that Boxed is trying to display.

It also features many straight lines and short endings. It does a great job in matching most of the letter formations in lowercase.

The uppercase also does a great job except you will find some minor differences in the "G" and "J".

Compare below.


Barlow would also be a good alternative to Boxed. I believe that it does a pretty good job in matching the majority of the letters in both upper and lowercase.

Although it is not quite as blocky as Boxed, it still features many straight lines that give off a similar feel as Boxed.

Take a look for yourself.

Final Thoughts

I believe that Coda will be your best bet in using it as a replacement for Boxed. If Coda doesn't work for whatever reason, then you can use Barlow instead. Neither font is an exact replacement for the original, but they should work for any project on a budget.

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