2 Google Fonts Similar to Campton

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Campton is a sans-serif font that was designed by Rene Bieder. It features an unique capital C. It was inspired by other fonts such as Gill Sans and Johnston Sans, but comes with it's own contemporary elements. It is a great choice for web and editorial design.

Campton is a great looking sans-serif that is easy to read. Luckily, I was able to find 2 similar looking fonts within the Google Font library.

As usual, I recommend purchasing the font from creator if you are in a position to do so. This is because no free font alternative is going to replace the real thing.

However, if your project is on a budget then some of these fonts my be a good alternative.

What Google Fonts are Similar to Campton?

The most similar looking fonts to Campton from the Google Font library are:

  • Questrial
  • Poppins

Either one of these fonts would make for a great alternative.

Below I will cover the differences and similarities between the two.


Questrial is a great alternative to Campton because of how similar they look. In the lowercase form, they are almost the same.

You will find some differences with the "g" and "j" in lowercase.

Uppercase letters are also very similar. The main differences are in the "Q" and "M".

Otherwise their two alphabets are very identical.

Go ahead and compare for yourself.


Poppins is a very popular sans-serif font that looks a lot like Campton. This means that they it would make for a great alternative.

The lowercase is nearly identical. It seems that some of the letters are a little wider in Poppins, but the shape of the letters is the same.

Uppercase is also very similar. However, if you pay close attention you will notice some differences with the "G", "J", and "M".

Overall, it is pretty close and would make for a choice secondary choice.

Final Thoughts

Both Questrial and Poppins would work for great alternative fonts for Campton. They are both similar in nature and even give off the same look and feel. Either one would be a great choice.

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