2 Google Fonts Similar to Canela

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Canela is a display typeface that bridges this gap between sans and serif. It is a modern font with hints of classical text in it. It is a delicate font that has easy flared strokes. As the font progresses through different weights, it carries itself differently but still maintains it's elegance.

This is why it was difficult to find a good alternative. It was tough to find a good match between those different styles.

However, after searching through the Google Fonts library, I was able to run into two fonts that would work as a decent alternative. Although not a perfect match, they would work well for a project running on a budget.

What Google Fonts are Similar to Canela?

The best Google Font alternatives similar to Canela are:

  • Spectral
  • yrsa

Either one of these fonts would make for a good alternative. So let's cover some of their differences and similarities.


Spectral, in my opinion, would probably be your best bet in finding a replacement for Canela. It does an ok job in matching the lowercase letters. Although there is different thickness in the strokes, overall it gives off a similar look and feel.

The uppercase is where things start to differ some. The uppercase "G" and "J" are noticeable different, while all the other letters carries some slight differences, but could work.

Go ahead and compare below.


YRSA makes a solid attempt in looking like Canela. It features much of the same letter formation with a few exceptions. It is also an elegant font that is easy to read.

Although it is not an exact match, it shares many of the same features and characteristics.

The lowercase letters are very similar with minor differences, but the uppercase letters is where you start to see some differences.

You will see a difference in the width of the letters and that the letters are more rounded in Canela.

As far so the format of the letters go, you will see the main differences in the "G" and the "J".

Compare below.

Final thoughts

Despite not being perfect matches, either YRSA and Spectral would be good alternatives for Canela. With some minor tweaking in photoshop, you can achieve a similar look.

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