2 Google Fonts Similar to Circular

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Circular is a sans-serif font created by Laurenz Brunner in 2013. It is based off geometric forms that are warm and friendly. It comes in 4 different weights.

It is an font that has been gaining a lot of traction in the past couple of years.

After doing some digging around Google Fonts, I was able to find two solid looking alternatives.

What Google Fonts are Similar to Circular?

The most similar fonts to Circular from Google Fonts are:

  • Nunito
  • Montserrat

Either one of these fonts would make for a great alternative.

Real briefly, I will talk about the similarities and the differences between each one.


Nunito is the most similar looking font to Circular from Google Fonts.

Nunito is a sans-serif font that was created for display typography.

I would argue that it is a 95% match for the lowercase letters and a 85% match for it's uppercase letters.

The only real noticeable difference in the lowercase is the "c". It is more closed off in Circular than it is in Nunito.

In the uppercase letters that main difference is in the "J", "Q", and the "U".

I made some images for you to use to compare for yourself.


Montserrat is also another similar looking font to Circular. It also is a very close match in both lowercase and uppercase.

If you look closely enough, you will find the main differences in lower case is the "y".

Uppercase also has some differences. The major ones are in the "J", "G", "Q" and "R".

So Montserrat probably wouldn't be the best bet if you are going to be using a lot of uppercase letters.

Take a look for yourself.

Final thoughts

Nunito is going to be the closest match out of any of the other fonts on Google Fonts. Montserrat is a close runner up. Neither is going to be a perfect match, but if your project is on a budget either one will do.

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