2 Google Fonts Similar to Copperplate

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Copperplate was originally designed in 1901. It is a reflection of the Gothic style in that time era. It is an all caps font which makes it a good option for headlines. It feels sturdy yet elegant.

Since the font is so unique, it was difficult to find something similar.

So after digging throughout all the fonts on Google, I believe that I was able to find two decent looking alternatives.

Quick disclaimer, no free font will ever replace the original. So I only recommend these fonts if your project is on a tight budget.

What Google Fonts are Similar to Copperplate?

The best Google Font alternatives for Copperplate are:

  • Balthazar
  • Alegreya SC

Both of these fonts are pretty similar to Copperplate and would work as a decent alternative.

So let's cover some of their differences and similarities.


Balthazar shares a similar look and feel that Copperplate has. Although it is not an exact replica, they share many similar features.

The main feature they have in common is the wicked out tips of each letter. If this is a style that you are going for then Balthazar would be a good example.

There are minor differences within each one of the letters, but the main one is the width.

The letters in Copperplate are more rounded, while Balthazar are more narrow.

Compare below.

Alegreya SC

Alergreya SC is also another good alternative to Copperplate. It also shares that similar flared tips on all it's letters.

Although they are not exactly alike, they do share a similar look and feel.

Take a look for yourself.


It was tricky to even find a font that was similar looking to Copperplate since it is such a unique font. I believe that you best bet is going to be Balthazar. However, if that one doesn't work then Alegreya SC would be a good second alternative.

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