2 Google Fonts Similar to Effra

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Effra is a sans-serif font that was inspired by Caslon Junior. It features clean lines with a modern, yet friendly look.

Effra is a difficult font to match because it looks like handwriting. So finding a font similar to this was hard.

The good news is that after digging through the Google Font library, I was able to find a few good alternatives.

Quick disclaimer, no free font alternative will replace the actual font itself. Instead, these are fonts that share a similar look and feel. Anyone of these fonts could be used if your project is on a budget.

What Google Fonts are Similar to Effra?

The most similar looking fonts to Effra available in the Google Fonts library are:

  • Roboto
  • Rubik

Either one of these fonts would make for a decent alternative.

So let's cover their differences and similarities.


Roboto is a very popular sans-serif font that is used all throughout the web.

It does a good job matching the majority of the letters in Effra, but comes with its differences.

The main difference in the lowercase is going to be in the "q", "g", and "b". Any letter that has a rounded end has a little dip in Roboto. While in Effra, it removes that completely.

Another main difference in both uppercase and lowercase is that any rounded letter is more oval shape in Roboto. However in Effra, they are almost perfectly rounded.

Go ahead and compare below.


Rubik is another good font alternative because it is easy to read and is playful.

It does a good job matching most of the letters in lowercase as well, but you will find the same differences in the "p", "b", and "q".

The uppercase has the same issue as Roboto where the letters are more oval than round. This is really noticable in the "Q" and "O".

Take a look below.

Final Thoughts

Roboto or Rubik may be a good alternative to Effra. Although they don't match all the letters exactly, they do share a similar look and feel to each one.

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Ben Smith is a professional web developer who dabbles in design. He created this site as an ongoing catalog of free alternative fonts for when the premium font just won't work. He currently writes for this site as well as his own personal blog.