2 Google Fonts Similar to Fairfield

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Fairfield is a serif typeface released in the 1940s. It's inspiration comes from old Venetian typefaces. It is an elegant font that has been gaining more and more popularity over time.

After searching through Google Fonts, I believe that I have been able to find two good font alternatives.

Quick disclaimer, no free font will ever be an exact match to a premium font. So I recommend purchasing the font itself if it is within your budget. Otherwise, I believe that below are two good font alternatives in case your font is on a budget.

What Google Fonts are Similar to Fairfield?

The most similar looking fonts available in the Google Fonts library to Fairfield are:

  • Castoro
  • Libre Baskerville

Both of these would make for a good alternative to Fairfield.

Below I cover more detail on each one.


Castoro is a great serif font available in the Google Font library. It shares many of the same characteristics that Fairfield has.

The letter formation is very similar to Fairfield. The minor differences within the lowercase letters are the "y" and the "g".

While in the uppercase, the main difference is in the uppercase "Q".

Go ahead and compare below.

Libre Baskerville

Libre Baskerville would also make for a great alternative because it share many of the same characteristics that Fairfield has.

Many of it's letters are similar, especially in the lowercase.

One of the things that I like have Libre Baskerville, is that it makes a solid attempt at matching the uppercase "Q".

See for yourself.

Final Thoughts

Either Libre Baskerville or Castoro would make great alternatives for Fairfield. Serif fonts can always be tricky to find good matches too because there are many intricate parts. However, I believe that either one of the fonts mentioned above would work.

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