2 Google Fonts Similar to Franklin Gothic

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Franklin Gothic is a sans-serif font from the early 20th century. It is used as an inspiration for many American gothic typefaces. Still to this day, it is a popular font to use.

However, finding a similar lookalike on Google Fonts was a little bit of a challenge. Franklin Gothic has some pretty unique characteristics that make it hard to match.

So here are two fonts that I think would make for ok alternatives if you use a heavier weight.

What Google Fonts are Similar to Franklin Gothic?

The most similar looking fonts to Franklin Gothic from Google Fonts are:

  • Libre Franklin
  • Source Sans Pro

Either one of these fonts would make for an ok alternative.

So let's cover some of their differences and similarities.

Libre Franklin

If you use Libre Franklin with a heavier weight, then it closely resembles Franklin Gothic. It does a great job at matching the lowercase "g" and "y". Along with close the rest of the lowercase letters.

If you pay close attention, you will notice a minor difference in the uppercase "Q". Overall it makes for a solid alternative.

Source Sans Pro

Source Sans Pro is also another good alternative. It also makes a good attempt to match the lowercase "g". I would argue that it is close to a 90% match in lowercase except for the lowercase "l".

In the uppercase you will also find many similarities, but the "Q" is really what going to draw the most attention as far as differences go.

Compare below.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Libre Franklin will be your best bet when trying to find a similar font to Franklin Gothic. If you use a heavier weight, then you can achieve a similar look and feel. Nothing will actually replace the font itself though. So if you are in a position to do so, I recommend purchasing the font from the creator.

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