2 Google Fonts Similar to Gilroy

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Gilroy is a sans-serif font that is geometric and modern. It has 20 different styles. You can actually get the light and extra bold version for free. It makes a great body paragraph text as well as a headline text.

What makes it so popular is how easy and legible it is to read. Finding an alternative font was difficult, since there are many fonts that focus on how legible they are on a digital screen.

But I ended up boiling it down to just two fonts that I think would make great alternatives.

What Google Fonts are Similar to Gilroy?

The best Google Fonts that are similar to Gilroy are:

  • Questrial
  • Roboto

I believe that either one of these would give you a similar look and feel.

So lets break down each one individually.


Questrial is a sans-serif font designed with the web in mind. I believe that it would be the best fit for Gilroy under one condition. That is you are only planning on using a lighter weight.

Unfortunately, Questrial is only offered in one weight class on Google fonts.

Otherwise it would make for an excellent alternative. It matches almost all the lowercase letters perfectly. Expect for the lowercase "j". Questrial gives you more of a stick with a dot on it than an actual "j".

The uppercase letters are also great except for the "G", "M", and "Q". That is where you will immediately notice the difference. All the other letters will allow you to scoot on by.

Compare below.


Roboto would be your next best bet if you needed different weights. It is a classic sans-serif font that is largely geometric and easy to read.

It matches the lowercase almost perfectly. The uppercase is also a close match except for the "G", "M", and the "Q".

Take a look for yourself.


Overall either one of these would work. If you are on a tight budget these would get you by if you are wanting a similar look and feel. At the end of the day, you will never find an exact lookalike. In that case, I would recommend simply purchasing the font from the creator.

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