2 Google Fonts Similar to Glober

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Glober is a popular sans-serif font that is inspired by other popular classic grotesque typefaces. It has nice softened forms that make it pleasing to read.

After digging through the Google Fonts library, there were many fonts that came close but not an exact match. You probably already know this but most free fonts are never going to be an exact replacement for the more premium fonts.

However, after searching through the fonts available, I was able to narrow it down to two fonts that I believe would make for great alternatives to Glober.

What Google Fonts are Similar to Glober?

The most similar looking Google Fonts to Glober are:

  • Open Sans
  • Public Sans

Either one of these would make for a great alternative. Keep reading on as I discuss what they have in common and some of their differences.

Open Sans

Open Sans is a very popular sans-serif font available in the Google Fonts library. It does a great job is trying to match Glober.

Right off the bat, you will see that it does a good job in trying to imitate the lowercase letters including the unique lowercase "g".

The lowercase is very close with some minor differences. For example the dots in the "i" and "j" are more square in Glober versus circles in Open Sans.

The uppercase is also very similar, but it does have a few differences. The main difference is that majority of the letters in Glober are more narrow than in Open Sans. However, most of the letter formation is the same.

Compare below.

Public Sans

Public Sans is a great looking sans-serif that is available on the Google Fonts library. It does a great job in matching both the uppercase and lowercase of Glober.

If you pay close attention, you will see that it is about a 90% match with lowercase letters. There are some minor differences between the "f" and "l". Otherwise they are very similar.

The uppercase is also pretty similar.

Final thoughts

Either Public Sans or Open Sans would make for a great alternative to Glober. As usual, neither of these fonts would be an exact match. Instead, they are similar in nature and make for a good replacement for any project on a budget. If you are in a position to do so, then I would recommend purchasing the font itself.

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