2 Google Fonts Similar to Impact

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Impact is a sans-serif font created by Geoffrey Lee in 1965. It was distributed through Windows 98. The font has also been used in popular internet memes. It features thick strokes, compressed spacing, and a high x-height. It makes a great font to grab your attention.

This font is very unique which makes it challenging to find something that looks similar.

I went through all the fonts in the Google Fonts library and I have two that I believe would make great alternatives.

So let's jump into it!

What Google Fonts are Similar to Impact?

The most similar looking fonts in the Google Font library are:

  • Anton
  • Oswald

Each one of these has similar characteristics to Impact. So let's cover why they would make such good alternatives.


Anton is probably going to be your best bet in finding a lookalike for Impact. It matches all of it's unique letters pretty well.

It also does a great job matching the bold and short characters. You will notice some minor differences in the "f" and "y", but overall it is a great looking alternative.

Take a look below.


Oswald is another great alternative. It can do an ok job in matching the the boldness of the letters but it is much taller.

Compare below.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Anton is going to be the best match for Impact. Oswald makes for an ok alternative if Anton isn't going to work for your project. In the end, nothing will match the font exactly. So if you are in a position to do so, I recommend simply purchasing the font from the creator directly.

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Ben Smith is a professional web developer who dabbles in design. He created this site as an ongoing catalog of free alternative fonts for when the premium font just won't work. He currently writes for this site as well as his own personal blog.