2 Google Fonts Similar to Lucida Grande

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Lucida Grande is a popular sans-serif typeface made popular with it's use through macOS. It is easy to read and is approachable yet professional.

It is due to these reasons that it has become such a popular font.

Below, I cover two fonts that I believe are similar to Lucida Grande.

Quck disclaimer, most free fonts have a hard to being an exact match. So I recommend only using these if your project is one a budget.

With that being said, either one of these fonts will make for a good alternative giving you a similar look and feel to Lucida Grande.

What Google Fonts are Similar to Lucida Grande?

The most similar looking font to Lucida Grande that are available in Google Fonts are:

  • Varela
  • Roboto

Either one of these fonts would make for a good alternative.

So let's cover some things that they have in common and their differences so you can see if this font will work for your project.


Varela is a modern and clean looking sans-serif. Right off the bat, you will notice that the lowercase is extremely similar. I would argue that it matches close to 95%.

If you pay close attention, you will notice a minor difference in the "a" and "h".

The uppercase is also a good match even though it also have a few differences too.

If you examine close enough, you will see that the main differences are in the "Q", "G", and "J".

Overall, it would make a pretty solid alternate font.

I made some images that you can use to compare for yourself.


Roboto is another very popular sans-serif font available in the Google Fonts library. It also is a close match for both upper and lowercase.

The main difference in the lowercase is the "a". In Lucida Grande, it features more of a curved back while in Roboto it is more rounded.

The uppercase does a great job matching, but you will notice some differences in the "J", "Q", and "G".

Compare for yourself.

Final Thoughts

Varela is going to be your best bet in finding a good alternative for Lucida Grande. It features many similarities with few differences. If Varela doesn't work for you then Roboto would be a good secondary option.

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