2 Google Fonts Similar to Minion Pro

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Minion Pro is a serif typeface created in 1990 by Adobe. It was designed for elegant body text and was inspired by late 16th century design.

Serif fonts are always hard to find exact matches for. However, I believe that I have two pretty solid alternatives from the Google Font library.

Quick disclaimer, neither of these fonts will replace the actual font itself. So I always recommend purchasing the font if you can.

With that being said, either one of the fonts below could work if your project is on a budget.

What Google Fonts are Similar to Minion Pro?

The best Google Fonts that are similar to Minion Pro are:

  • Crimson Text
  • Alegreya

Both of these fonts would make for a decent alternative. So let's cover what they have in common and their differences.

Crimson Text

Crimson Text would make for an excellent alternative to Minion Pro. The lowercase letters are very identical with very minor differences.

The uppercase is also identical, but there is some minor differences with the "J". Overall, it is rare to see two fonts so similar to each other.

The other difference you will see is the kerning between some letters. For example, in Minion Pro the "T" and "h" touch each other.

Go ahead and compare below.


Alegreya is another good font that is similar to Minion Pro. It does a great job in matching some of the kerning that Minion Pro is known for.

The matches much of the letters in both upper and lowercase.

The differences you will see are in the lowercase "g" and the uppercase "J" and "Q". Otherwise they are very similar.

Images below for comparison.


Crimson Texta and Algreya would make good alternatives to Minion Pro. They are able to closely match it's unique style. Each one of these is available in the Google Font library.

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