2 Google Fonts Similar to Myraid Pro

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Myraid Pro is a sans-serif font that was released in 1992 by Adobe. It is popular for both text and display. It covers Latin, Greek, and Cyrillic glyphs. This font maintains a warm and readable style which makes it great for headlines.

This font was difficult to find a really good alternative too. I would find some similarities with the font for half the alphabet, but the other half would be dramatically different.

I would recommend simply purchasing the font from the creator. The fonts I mention below are not going to be exact replacements, but if you are on a budget then they will be good enough.

What Google Fonts are Similar to Myraid Pro?

The best Google Font alternative to Myraid Pro are:

  • PT Sans
  • Open Sans

Either one of these will work as a similar lookalike.

So lets dive into their similarities and differences.

PT Sans

PT Sans is a great alternative sans-serif. It closely mimics other premium fonts. The font came out in 2009 and was originally designed for the Russian language. However, it's characters can be used for the English language too. It features easy to read letters that are professional, yet still friendly and welcoming.

I feel like PT Sans does a great job at mimicking the fun and playfulness of Myraid Pro.

Main letters such as at the "t", "a", and "h" are all close matches.

However, you will find differences in the lowercase "g", "l", and "b". In the uppercase, you can see that the "Q" and "M" are very different.

Here are some images I put together for you to compare for yourself.

Open Sans

Open Sans is a sans-serif typeface that represents neutral and friendly design. It is one of the most widely used Google Fonts.

It also does a great job at matching both the uppercase and lowercase letters of Myraid Pro.

The main differences in the lowercase are going to be with the "g". Open Sans's "g" features two circles on top of each other while the "g" in Myraid Pro is more of a traditional "g".

In the uppercase set, you will find more differences.

Final Thoughts

Overall, PT Sans or Open Sans would make for a decent alternative. Neither one of these fonts would make an exact match, but if you wanted something similar either one would work.

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