2 Google Fonts Similar to Pluto Sans

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Pluto Sans is a great looking sans-serif font. It is friendly and easy to read font. It features a large x-height which makes it a good fit for both print and web.

Trying to find a good match for Pluto Sans from the Google Fonts library was a little tricky. I would some fonts that shared similar letter formations for parts of the alphabet, but then the other part would be drastically different.

So the fonts mentioned below are not exact look alikes. Instead these are to be used in case your project is on a budget because they would make for great alternatives.

What Google Fonts are Similar to Pluto Sans?

The best Google font alternatives for Pluto Sans are:

  • PT Sans
  • Noto Sans

I believe that either one of these fonts would work as a good alternative.

Below I cover what they have in common and some of their differences.

PT Sans

PT Sans is a popular sans-serif font that is available on Google Fonts. Although not an exact lookalike it, it does share many of the same characteristics of Pluto Sans.

Noto Sans

Noto Sans is also another good alternative to Pluto Sans. It matches many of the same characteristics that Pluto Sans shares.

It is a pretty close match with the lowercase letters. There are some minor differences in the lowercase "l" and "t".

Otherwise they are very identical.

The uppercase is also a close match. However, there are some differences. If you play close attention to the "I", "J", and "Q" you can see some differences.

Compare below.

Final thoughts

Both Noto Sans and PT Sans would make for a great alternative to Pluto Sans. Although they are not perfect matches, they do feature many of the same characteristics that you would expect from Pluto Sans.

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