2 Google Fonts Similar to Segoe UI

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Segoe UI is a sans-serif font made popular by Microsoft. They have used this font in many of the logos of their products even though the font was originally made by Monotype. Segoe UI is simply a member of the much larger Segoe font family.

With that being said here are a few free similar alternatives.

What Google Fonts are Similar to Segoe UI?

The best Google Font alternatives for Segoe UI are:

  • Noto Sans
  • Open Sans

After looking through dozens of fonts, I have found these two the be the most similar looking out of the whole library.

So lets cover the similarities and the differences.

Noto Sans

Noto Sans is a great sans-serif font designed by Google themselves. It was created as a way to give a clean looking font for all languages to use.

Although it was originally designed by Droid, it is very similar to Segoe UI in the lowercase format.

In lowercase, they are almost exact matches. This would be a great fit if most of your design will be paragraph text. Noto Sans is a little wider and not as compact, but the overall shape of the letters are the same.

In the uppercase is where things start to look a little different. The major difference is in the uppercase "Q" and "J".

The "Q" in Segoe UI is has a tail that curves down and off to the side. Meanwhile Noto Sans is at slight angle.

Also the "J" in Segoe UI is the same height as the other letters. In Noto Sans, it is more of a traditional "J' because it will reach below all the other letters.

Compare for yourself.

Open Sans

Open Sans is another similar looking font. It also is able to match much of the lowercase letters very well. You will notice an immediate difference in the lowercase "g".

The uppercase letters share the same differences as in Noto Sans. The "J" and "Q" are pretty unique in Segoe UI making it hard to find an exact match.

Here are some images for you the compare.

Final Thoughts

As usual, I would recommend purchasing the font if you can from the creator to support them. No matter what it, you will have a hard time finding an exact match. However, either Noto Sans or Open Sans would make a decent alternative if you are on a budget.

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