3 Google Font Similar to Century Gothic

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Century Gothic is a sans-serif font that was designed by Sol Hess in 1947. It is known for it's enlarged x-height which makes it a great font for web.

The font comes with 14 weights, which makes it great for headlines. It is primarily used for headlines, display work, and should only be used in small quantities of text.

If you are looking to use a typeface similar to Century Gothic, I have a few alternatives for you.

What Google Fonts are Similar to Century Gothic?

Here are three great Google fonts that would make a good alternative to Century Gothic:

  • Muli
  • Questrial
  • Didact Gothic

Any one of these three above would be a good choice.


Muli is one of my favorites on this list. It does a great job matching 95% of all the letters.

The major differences are in the lowercase "y", "t", and "g".

The "y" and "t" in Muli are more curved on the tail portion while in Century Gothic they are all straight.

Also, the "g" in Century Gothic is more curved in the bottom than in Muli. In Muli, it is straight at the very bottom then slightly curves up.

Compare below.


Questrial is probably the most similar of any font on this list. It is nearly identical. It matches some of Century Gothics most distinct features.

It does a great job matching the lowercase "g", "y", and "a".

Overall this will probably be your best bet.

See comparisons below.

Didact Gothic

Didact Gothic also works as a great alternative to Century Gothic. It is similar in the look and feel.

The main differences that you will find are in the "f" and "g". The "f" in Didact Gothic is taller while in Century Gothic it is shorter.

The "g" in Century Gothic features more of a curved tail while in Didact Gothic it has a flat bottom that curves out.

Take a look for yourself.


In conclusion, Questrial is going to be your best bet. Didact Gothic and Muli are both great runner ups. Either one of these fonts will give you the same look and feel that you are needing.

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