3 Google Fonts Similar to Avenir Next

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Avenir Next is a sans-serif spin off of it's classic Avenir font. It expands on the about of weights within the collection and has an emphasis digital design. It works great for any digital design.

Avenir Next is an iconic font that we see used throughout the web. So finding a similar looking font was a little tricky.

I dug throughout the fonts available on Google Fonts and below are the best alternatives to Avenir next.

What Google Fonts are Similar to Avenir Next?

The best Google Fonts that are similar to Avenir Next are:

  • Prompt
  • Muli
  • Nunito

Anyone of these fonts would work as a great alternative. As usual, they are not going to be perfect replacements.

So lets cover the similarities and the differences.


Prompt is a great option for Avenir Next for a few reasons. It does a great job at matching the lowercase letters. The letters do carry a little more weight, but the overall look and feel is there.

You will notice some minor differences on a closer look with the lowercase "g", "f", and "y". Overall, it's pretty solid.

The uppercase also does a fantastic job. Especially at matching the unique "Q" that Avenir Next has. It is able to match it almost spot on.

You will notice a difference in the "J" and "S".

Take a look below.


Muli is a great sans-serif font that is very popular because of how well it works on both web and print. It is also a great alternative to Avenir Next.

It does an awesome job at matching the lowercase letters, especially "g". Although different it also closely resembles the "y". I would argue that it is a close 95% match.

The similarity is also closely matched in the uppercase. If you are looking for the differences, you will find them in the "R", "Q", and "J'. Overall, it would make a good alternative font.


Nunito would work as a good replacement for Avenir Next. It matches the majority of the letters when compared to other fonts.

The biggest difference is that Nunito's letters are more rounded while Avenir Next's letters are straight.

This works if you are going to for a fun and playful feel. Otherwise, I would recommend on of the fonts mentioned above.

Final thoughts

Avenir Next is a great font with its own look. Prompt and Muli will be your best bet if you are trying to imitate those styles. As always, I recommend supporting the creator by purchasing their font if you are in a position to do so.

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