3 Google Fonts Similar to Benton Sans

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Benton Sans is a sans-serif font designed by Tobias Frere-jones in 1995. It design was inspired from News Gothic. It features nice curves that give the font a friendly yet sophisticated look.

For these reasons, it is a very popular font.

So lets cover a few options that would make great alternatives if you are on a budget.

What Google Fonts are Similar to Benton Sans?

The best Google Font alternatives for Benton Sans are:

  • News Cycle
  • Libre Franklin
  • Source Sans Pro

These were the closest fonts that I could find.

So lets dive into each one.

News Cycle

News Cycle is going to be the best option for Benton Sans. The lowercase and uppercase letters are all pretty much all the same.

The main difference is in the height of the letters and the weight. Benton Sans is a little shorter and thicker.

Compare for yourself below.

Libre Franklin

Libre Franklin also does a great job at matching all the letters in both lower and uppercase.

Libre Franklin does the best job at matching Benton Sans's lowercase "g". Which is pretty unique.

The other difference is the uppercase "Q". Although subtle, Benton Sans places their line more towards the center of the "Q" while in Libre Franklin pushes it more towards to the side.

Source Sans Pro

Out of all three of the fonts mentioned above, Source Sans Pro is the least lookalike, but still a great option when compared to other fonts. It does a great job matching 95% of all the letters in Benton Sans.

The biggest difference is going to be in the lowercase "l" and uppercase "G".

Take a look below.

Final Thoughts

News Cycle is going to be a great alternative for Benton Sans. If News Cycle doesn't work, then Libre Franklin or Source Sans Pro would be great lookalikes. Overall, nothing is going to actually replace the font itself. However, if you are on a budget either one of the fonts above will be a good fit.

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