3 Google Fonts Similar to Futura

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Futura is a popular font used by famous brands such as Supreme, Volkswagen, and HP. Futura is used to represent modern, and clean elegance. No wonder why so many designers and developers would want to use this font. However, with it's price tag, it may not be in the budget for some.

Futura has it's own unique style. It was hard to find fonts that were identical. So the fonts below share some similar characteristics, but are not perfect match ups.

So let's review 3 fonts that are free to use and similar enough to Futura.

What Google Fonts are Similar to Futura?

Here are the three fonts that I have found that would make a good alternative to Futura:

  • Didact Gothic
  • Overpass
  • Nunito Sans
  • Hind

All of these are sans-serif typefaces that look clean and modern.

Didact Gothic

Didact gothic is the most similar looking out of the 3 fonts mentioned above. The "t" and the "h" are almost identical. All of the vowels are the same except for the "u" in Didact Gothic. It has a small tall.

The letters that are the most different are the "j" and the "g". In Futura, the "j" is just a straight line down. The "g" in Futura is more curved while the "g" in Didact gothic is straight on the bottom part.

Everything else is very similar and could be used as a good alternative. The only other downside is that it comes one in one font weight. So it should only really be used in body text.

Here are the comparisons so you be the judge.

Nunito Sans

Nunito Sans is a simple and welcoming typeface. It makes for great headline and body text. It also is a great alternative font for Futura because it has many of the same features. For example, Nunito Sans features a more open "c" just like Futura has.

The main differences are going to be with the "t", "l", and the "j". Nunito Sans features a small tail on all of these letters that you don't find in Futura. Also, the "a" is different too. However, everything else is similar. This is why is would make a good alternative.


Hind is a Open Source typeface made specifically for user interfaces in mind. Hind comes in 5 different font weights. It has flat endings that either use a horizontal or vertical shear. This makes the whole font legible and easy to read.

It also would make a good alternative to Futura if you are on a budget. The majority of it's letters are similar, but the main differences lie in the "t", "l", "a", "y", and "j".

Hind makes for good runner up, but as you can see Didact Gothic and Overpass don't meet what you are looking for.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this gave you some more insight on other alternative fonts that could be used. I believe that Didact Gothic will be your best Google Font Alternative. If you feel like I am missing a font, you can submit it using the form below and I will update this article!

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